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Khaliesa is de name i was given.jst call me kelly or liesa.i think kellys better.mix blood.I will blow my candles on 6 thing u must know about is i'm ordinary person,simple,and not like other girl u see.erm,i alwys happy to laugh,crying,making stupid fool and sleep ;).i think this is me and i wont change myself includng my family okayy :)

Listen to this music :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My lil brother :)

Playing games,games and games .
u know , they playing games from early morn till midnite ,
lol, kidding. :D

Ouh gosh , im feel so dizzy when watch them play :)
x tired tired langsung tau x :)

Alryte , my grandma calling me to take a bath and praying :)
she said ' da la tu . Could you please stop and go take a bath ! '
okeyy i said ,

then well i say to y'all so , BYE !

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