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Khaliesa is de name i was given.jst call me kelly or liesa.i think kellys better.mix blood.I will blow my candles on 6 thing u must know about is i'm ordinary person,simple,and not like other girl u see.erm,i alwys happy to laugh,crying,making stupid fool and sleep ;).i think this is me and i wont change myself includng my family okayy :)

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I taught myself French languages as i growing up :)

Premiere Lecon ( first lesson )

i study about how to greet people as french languages .Example like : Bonjour,
Madame.Ca va ce matin ?
means that hi ! how are you ?then another say : Oh oui,moi,ca va.Et vous,Monsieur ? means Oh, ok, fine.And you,the other says : Pas trop mal means Not too bad :)

Deuxieme lecon ( second Lesson )

i study about a little question.Ex like Ou'est-ce que vous avez la ? Oh, rien means what have you got there? Oh nothing .
Ex 2 like Est-ce que vous voulez quelques patisseries, Madame?
Non, merci means Do you want some pastries?.No, thank-you :D

That enough for now , im just continued with Troisieme lecon ( third lesson ) another day :)

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