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Khaliesa is de name i was given.jst call me kelly or liesa.i think kellys better.mix blood.I will blow my candles on 6 thing u must know about is i'm ordinary person,simple,and not like other girl u see.erm,i alwys happy to laugh,crying,making stupid fool and sleep ;).i think this is me and i wont change myself includng my family okayy :)

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love him Forever ,

God, i hope he could listening to my blessing ,
i know he is so sick but my blessing will not stopping to his health
until my last breath :'(
please god, bless him with a new life and a good health.

( with tears ) I say to you my dear , i love you.i dun wanna leave you alone with sicknesses.
i wanna hold your hand and wanna kiss ur forehead when u are landed on ur bed . please promise to me , u will be strong fighting ur sickness,

that was my words to special boy that at overseas now <3

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