Yessy, me again :)

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Notre Dame, Islam, France
Khaliesa is de name i was given.jst call me kelly or liesa.i think kellys better.mix blood.I will blow my candles on 6 thing u must know about is i'm ordinary person,simple,and not like other girl u see.erm,i alwys happy to laugh,crying,making stupid fool and sleep ;).i think this is me and i wont change myself includng my family okayy :)

Listen to this music :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tomorrow , tomorrow and tomorrow :)

is going to singapore :))
byebye see u soon !

Thursday, October 15, 2009

new new :))

Dear diary,
Tonite,my wish is hope he will be fine at there and i always pray for him as u know im always cry for him,shooting star make me think dat he was there and were smile at me :) ,
i so worried about him coz i love love love him very much and no one could be replaced by him ;)he stole my heart and take away with his heart and were in love ,
God, please always take care of him and keep away him from danger coz i will know him in pain,sad,happy,laugh and cry so please,please and please .
I always sayang die <33

I captured a spy because i'm so cool :)

Choose The Month U Were Born On
January - I Licked
February - I Killed
March - I Kissed
April - I Kicked
May - I Jump On
June - I Named
July - I Hugged
August - I Chased
September - I Carried
October - I Captured
November - I Danced With
December - I Sat On
The Day U Were Born
1 - A Vampire
2 - A Fireman
3 - A Police
4 - A Boy
5 - A Girl
6 - A Chicken
7 - A Crazy Man
8 - A Doctor
9 - A Teacher
10 - A Bee
11 - A Spy
12 - A Doll
13 - A Frog
14 - A Lady
15 - A Man
16 - A Psycho
17 - An Old Man
18 - A Jumper
19 - A Scissor
20 - A Table
21 - A Car
22 - A Ghost
23 - A Book
24 - A Sweeper
25 - A Baby
26 - A Singer
27 - A Kettle
28 - A Cheerleader
29 - A Musician
30 - A Keeper
31 - A Dancer
The Color Of The Shirt Ur Wearing
Pink - Because I'm A Stupid Kid
Red - Because I'm Naked Right Now
Green - Because I'm So Cool
Blue - Because I'm An Old Crazy Lady
Brown - Because I'm A Clown In A Shopping Mall
Yellow - Because I'm A Silly A Bitch
Orange - Because I'm Drunk And Naked
Others - Because I'm In Love With Her Ass
Haha, U are what lol ?

One promise dear <3

Could you make this pain go away?
Could you fill my empty heart?
Could you heal all my wounds,and promise we will never be apart?
Promise me you'll never leave,and make everything all right.
Promise me when I start to fall,you'll hold on to me tight.
Promise me you'll protect me and help wipe my tears,
Promise me your love for a few more years.
Promise me you'll love me no matter what I do,and I will promise to only love you